consulting, distribution, investments


• Milton is a Polish company but with international experience and range.
• We have representatives in Poland, France, Spain, and Italy.
• We specialize in introducing new brands and startups to the Polish market
• We are working with all distribution channels: international retailers, drug stores
hyper and supermarkets, discounters, online shops, and more…
• We provide our business partners with:
✔ professional preparation of the product launch strategy
✔ creating websites & online stores
✔ introducing products on an online sales platform
✔ campaigns in social media
✔ cooperation with the press and influencers
✔ the fastest turnaround time with the lowest cost of entry


✔ we know the market perfectly well - over 20 years of experience
✔ we have knowledge and experience in running social media
✔ we cooperate with the largest companies and retail chains
✔ we have personal, long-term contacts with their managerial staff
Respect for the customer
✔ we provide an individual approach to the client and maximum discretion
✔ we know the market perfectly well - over 20 years of experience
Ease of communication
✔ we speak English, French, Italian, German, and Russian
✔ we do not use third-party services - we create and maintain ourselves
websites, internet shops, social media profiles


Please see the detailed offer at the bottom of the page

• develop strategies for introducing products to the market

• introduce your products to retail chains under your own brand

• introduce your products to retail chains as your exclusive distributor

• create websites and online stores to sell your products online

• introduce your products for sale on the most popular sales platforms, e.g., Allegro, OLX, etc

• create and operate social media necessary to promote the products: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn

• create a network of brand ambassadors andpeople known and recognizable in the sports and fitness industry

• provide end-to-end product logistics, including import, storage, and delivery organizations


Pharmacy chains: DOZ, Dr. Max, Dr. Health

Hypermarkets, discounters: Auchan, Tesco, Leclerc, Biedronka, Eurocash, Lidl, Kaufland

Drugstores: Rossman, Superpharm, Hebe, Drogerie Natura

DIY: Obi, Castorama, Jula, Liroy Merlin

Pet shops: Maxi Zoo, Kakadu, Leopardus, Zoo Karina

E-commerce: Allegro (the biggest e-commerce platform in Poland - 80% of the Polish e-commerce market), eBay, Amazon


It’s quite simple. Our goal is Your success. If Your products start selling, we’ll benefit too.
I will explain it with an example: In 2019, we participated in the ECRM fair. Companies that decided to cooperate with us quickly became recognizable in the Polish market, and sales started almost immediately. It happened because we created for them all necessary the tools (I list them below), without which entering a new market today is virtually impossible. Moreover, knowing the local conditions, the consumers’ needs, and the market’s culture perfectly well, we did it for a fraction of the costs that would have to be incurred by choosing any other form of entry.

Some of the fair participants chose otherwise. They signed contracts with big, well-known distribution companies, encouraged by their online stores and media activity. Only that in most cases, their products found their way to the distributor’s online store and have drowned among other similar products, and the activity in the media promoted the distributor’s brand instead of their own.

It is, therefore, worth carefully considering our offer. Because, especially today, when no one is willing to make new investments due to a pandemic, we can open for you a completely new market in a risk-free and cost-free way.


We can, almost exclusively at our own expense, create all the necessary tools to introduce your products to the market quickly and develop marketing activities aimed at promoting the product on social media – in particular:
• create a Polish product website with an online store
• introduce products to the largest Polish sales platform, which is Allegro (Amazon almost does not exist in Poland)
• create and conduct a marketing campaign on social media: Facebook and Instagram
• recruit influencers for cooperation, which in our opinion is currently the most effective way to build brand awareness
• present your products to the largest retail chains: the list of those we cooperate with is available on our website
• additionally (at a shared cost), we can exhibit products at fairs, which, despite the pandemic, are still held in Poland
* We have implemented logistic solutions: own warehouse, packaging department, and developed cooperation with Polish courier companies for shipments in Poland and with UPS for shipments in Europe